Homage to Anamaria de Moraes


To those who are to come

The researcher Anamaria de Moraes died on February 16, 2012, during the 18th World Congress of Ergonomics (IEA 2012), in the city of Recife.

She had a bachelor degree in History from UFRJ and in Industrial Design from ESDI/UERJ. She was also a specialist in Ergonomics from FGV/RJ. She had a master’s degree in Production Engineering from COPPE/UFRJ and a PhD in Communication from IBICT/ ECO/UFRJ.

Anamaria was an important professor and researcher in the areas of design and ergonomics and participated actively in the promotion, establishment and development of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses and in events of scientific associations.

She left an extensive legacy of knowledge through her publications and with people of different generations of professionals and researchers whom she helped to major.

Now, it is up to us to do justice to her memory, to register an important legacy related to this present event to be held in São Luiz this year.

In August 1993, as a result of the connections made to try to create a section of the Design Education Association of Brazil – AEnD-BR in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the magazine Design Studies, the first national scientific journal of design was launched in this city by a small group of teachers from local schools. Among them was Anamaria de Moraes as one of the leading entrepreneurs of this academic venture.

In 1994, the newly reorganized AEnD, together with the National Association of Designers AND, proposes the 1st Brazilian Congress of Design. The goal was to bring together all the design corporations of the country, both academic and professional, to create a single and comprehensive Forum. In a way, the intention was to occupy the place that the National Meeting of Industrial Designers, ENDI, had in the 1980’s. Anamaria was one of the organizers in its 3rd edition.

The group of editors of the magazine Design Studies was invited to contribute to the event. At that time, Anamaria comes up with the idea of organizing another congress within that congress which would have the characteristic of presenting academic and professional papers nationwide and the publishing of periodical records similar to those of international congresses. The idea was embraced by the group of editors, and by AEnD, and the recent structure created for the journal served as a base for its organization.

That is how P&D Design was born. It first happened in 1994 in the city of São Paulo. With the first scientific journal giving the first steps and the first Master’s Course of Design starting its activities in that year, the existence of a Congress with this identity helped promote and consolidate the research in design in Brazil.

Therefore, in order to preserve her memory, Anamaria should be considered part of the Brazilian history of design and ergonomics that she helped create. And those who, together with her, built utopias and learned how to search will sure miss her immensely.

By Professor Marcos Braga