Keynote Speakers

Human-Computer Interaction Lab
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title of speech: “Human Factors and Ergonomics Approach to the Design and Evaluation Of Clinical and Consumer Health Information Technologies: Challenges and Future Opportunities”.

Department of Industrial Design
Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands
Title of speech: “Designing for effect: The ViP way to valuable innovations “.

The Design Group
The Open University
United Kingdom
Title of speech: “Research in Design Thinking”.

SPIRE Centre – Participatory Innovation
University of Southern Denmark
Title of speech: “The role of design in business model innovation”.

Human Centred Design Institute
Brunel University
United Kingdom
Provisional title of speech: “What is Human Centred Design?”.

Sao Paulo University
Title of speech:Contemporary design: between the classical tradition and the new socio-cultural demands. “.

Federal University of Paraná
Títle of speech: “Innovation towards Sustainability through Service Design”.

University Anhembi Morumbi
Title of speech: “Fashion design: dressing, feeling and interacting”.

Federal University of Pernambuco
Title of speech: ” Design and Gender – Observations and present evidence in graphics artifacts “.