Technical sessions

Technical sessions will be held in the form of oral presentations (as scheduled). For the full papers, it will be given 15 minutes, and articles for undergraduates 10 minutes. By the authors, is the display of visual material support, in this case the formats are .exe, .pdf, .ppt. In all rooms will be available a computer and a data-show.

Posters sessions

Posters work better when they are rich in terms of images, photos or schemes. The poster board surface area is 100cm (high) x 90cm (wide). Each poster accepted will have available a space of 100cm (39”) height X 90cm (35”) width. The posters will be mounted on poster boards (one poster per board). Presenters can mount multiple single sheets of paper, larger posters, pictures, or any printed materials on the boards. Please note that equipment needed for demonstration is the responsibility of the author. Construct the poster to include the title, the author(s), affiliation(s), and a description of the research, highlighting the major elements that are covered in the abstract. For the Posters, it will be given 10 minutes.